Every day that passes brings us lots of supposedly amazing innovations which are, for the most part, unnecessary. For example, virtual “must haves” (dictates of social marketing) make us feel closer to one another but instead can separate us more and more.

Social networks bring us closer to people we probably will never meet who live on the other side of the planet; meanwhile we do not even see the plight of our neighbor.

We have also long observed the prices charged by competitors to offer you a distinct image on the net, and we came to the conclusion that very often they are making fools of us with their ongoing smoke and mirrors.

The estimate for building a website often reaches delusional, unjustifiably astronomical sums for the type of activity you do or communities that you represent.

Ask yourself this simple question: Do I really need an artistic design requiring three months to create, 3 months to implement dazzling animations with flashy colors and big logo punch, but in the end be far from reality for the type of activity or business that I offer?

It was high time to react!


At, we specialize in small and medium projects. We offer a presentation site for your business, town, family, club, association or anything else you wish to promote, focusing on the essentials.

With us there are no frills, dazzling animations or other site WEB 3.0 and no exorbitant charges! If your project does not fit within this scope, we will send you to our sister company that handles larger projects and can provide a detailed quote.

Currently our offer includes preparing a clear and precise layout based on WordPress or Prestashop, a slideshow and small animation, if necessary, clear visual I.D. standards, the creation and installation of a logo and your entire site accessible Worldwide

for the sum of


The price includes at least five pages and sub-pages formatted from images provided by the client, building a slideshow, inserting video clips, creating multiple accounts on social networks, purchasing the domain name for a period of one year, with option for renewal. The photographic material provided by the customer remains their sole property; the text may or may not be provided by the customer.

We also include an optional translation service via a dedicated plugin. Refusing this service does not qualify for a price reduction. Hosting is left to the choice of the customer, but we make ​this available, if desired.

Nevertheless, the customer remains legally responsible for the management of the hosting.

At the client’s request, we can do the technical datas connection from the host to the extend that this service is possible.

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