About us

Laurent (the french husband) and Lisa (the american wife) had the idea of creating Imonlinenow.com during the year 2011 while living one foot in the United States, the other one in France. We decided to put together the better of both worlds.

IMONLINENOW is a human-scale home business. We do not own a building, company car, driver, secretary or special sales manager.

We are an independent company in its simplest legal form: an extremely accessible business partner!

(by law, all our invoices to foreign countries are Duty free/Tax free).

We do not manage 10,000 clients simultaneously.

No, not at our place…

Our welcome is warm and human. We consider you an equal, taking seriously your project and immediately placing all our skills at your service.

We do not suggest the unnecessary!

We work in empathy and sympathy with our clients.

However if you find you need a little more than our first offering, we will be glad to provide it for you.

We offer services for production and post-production of images, as well as a recording studio if you want to create audio files to accompany your website.

Finally, we work with some carefully selected partners who have the same criteria of integrity, quality and efficiency which we ourselves uphold.

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